Changing seasons

With daylight saving time over and many Americans having a hard time staying awake tonight, Sunday Night Football delivers one of the most compelling games of the year.


Aaron Rodgers said today’s Packers’ loss to Chargers was “a good slice of humble pie.” Following the Packers” loss to the Ravens, does anyone think Bill Belichick knows what humble pie is?

A whole lot of NFL teams concerned about possibly traveling to wintry Lambeau Field in the playoffs are thinking of sending bouquets to the Chargers.

Mitch Trubisky is making Bears fans miss Jay Cutler.


As much as Donald Trump got booed in New York this weekend, it’s a tough call now whether he’s less popular in town than the Jets.

PG&E CEO Bill Johnson asked what he’d say to struggling Californians who lost a lot of food w/ blackouts. “We did give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator ’cause their house is still there.” Amazed he didn’t also say people can buy plenty of cake to eat.

Stephen Miller is reportedly engaged. These days we sometimes hear engagement news and wonder “what gender?” With Miller have to wonder “What species?

So Trump finally gets around to tweeting about California fires and it’s to blame the state and threaten no more Federal aid. Does this mean next President should blame Donald’s new home of Florida for hurricane damage?

Leaving aside general absurdity of Trump’s anti-California¬† “rake the forests” rant, neither of the two big wildfires currently burning -Maria Fire near Los Angeles nor Kincade Fire in Sonoma County are actually on forest land. Maybe Trump will draw forests on the map with a Sharpie?

After Trump threatened to take Federal funds for fire relief from California, my friend Lewis G. responded “Of course if Gov. Newsom agrees to investigate the Bidens, the aid will be restored immediately.”


Adam Schiff should consider changing his legal address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, since he is living there rent-free in Trump’s head.

Trump and his family claim booing last night at Madison Square Garden was “fake news.” So the same Democrats who couldn’t win in 2016 are organized and smart enough to create hundreds of videos with fake booing sounds?

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