Winners and losers…

Talk about an castle and outhouse division. After tonight, seven weeks into NFL season, two AFC East teams  have one loss between them, the other two  have one WIN between them.

At this point NY Jets mantra has to be “Thank God for the Miami Dolphins.”

Coming into Sunday’s game the  Chicago Bears defense ranked fourth in NFL. Saints may tell Brees and Kamara to take their time coming back.

Aaron Judge after Yankees ALCS loss “This season is a failure.” Now, Judge has spent his entire career in pinstripes. But maybe he should spend a year with say, the Orioles for some perspective.

Not that every President has to love all sports. But ever notice Trump doesn’t root for teams or players? He only congratulates a few of them AFTER they win. #Sad


ET reports from a source “Felicity (Huffman) is doing really well and she’s holding up” amid her 14-day prison sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal. We could have a nationwide violin shortage.


CBC has called election for Justin Trudeau, though “whether it will be a minority or majority government remains to be seen.” Wonder how many Canadians were swayed by Andrew Scheer’s dual-American citizenship. Elect him & worry Trump might send a spawn up north next…


Trump has probably called and/or tweeted every quasi-dictator in the world with congratulations when they have won their elections. Just guessing this isn’t happening with Justin Trudeau.

Trying to imagine what Trump voters would do if it emerged Donald had ever worn blackface.

So Trump now saying G7 at Doral would have been “free.”. Because Mexico would have paid for it?



Marco Rubio to a Bloomberg reporter   – “Obviously you know, given everything that’s going on, it was a bad look,” Rubio said of G7 at Doral, though he doubts Trump wanted to make money. “As a Floridian I thought it was great that they were going to come down, especially in June when we don’t have as many visitors.” Uh, Rubio said the quiet part out loud…. “Especially in June when we don’t have as many visitors.” Gosh, you mean not everyone loves heat and humidity, along with bugs the size of small dogs?

And as Trump whined that G7 at Doral would have been “the best ever.” Uh, Donald even YOU don’t go to Florida and Mar-A-Lago in June.

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2 Comments on “Winners and losers…”

  1. Old guy in NEPA Says:

    “Trying to imagine what Trump voters would do if it emerged Donald had ever worn blackface.”

    Orangeface is the new blackface?

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