Batless in St. Louis?

So are Cardinals going to score as many runs in NLCS against Nats as they did in first inning of NLDS game five against Braves?

Georgia loses to South Carolina in 2nd overtime. Most unhappy folks other than Bulldog fans are SEC officials trying to figure how to spin that conference STILL should have two teams in CFB playoffs.

Playoff  Zack Greinke at this point is making Astros fans long for Clayton Kershaw.

At a Kentucky rock climbing park a 8-year-old girl scales replica of Trump’s ‘un-climbable’ border wall in less than a minute.  So how long until wall-climbing is nominated as an Olympic sport?


After a pregame scuffle at midfield, refs in Oklahoma Sooners vs Texas Longhorns football game gave all players on both teams unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, meaning any in-game such penalty would result in ejection.  As Annie Savoy (Bull Durham) said “Don’t be such GUYS.”


Trump likes to portray himself as a man of courage who can make tough choices. He couldn’t even pick a candidate in Louisiana Governor primary because he was afraid of betting a losing horse.


For all that Trump rants about suing various perceived enemies, isn’t he close to running out of people willing to be his lawyer?

Trump had lunch with Rudy Giuliani yesterday at his golf club reportedly as a show of support. Support? Or warning him to be careful of potential “accidents?”


Hunter Biden is resigning from board of Chinese private-equity firm, says if dad wins he won’t serve on boards of foreign-owned companies. How long until the Chinese board offers his seat to Don Jr or Ivanka?

Trump fundraising email

“Where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the Fake News protects his Crooked daddy, who is a total joke.Together, Sleepy Joe and his son, Hunter, have LIED to the American People and ripped off foreign companies for MILLIONS of dollars – and yet, they have the nerve to call for MY IMPEACHMENT? I DID NOTHING WRONG.
This is the greatest Scam and Witch Hunt in the history of the United States.”

Gosh, maybe he should put highly qualified senior White House adviser Ivanka in charge of the hunt?”~ Janice Hough

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4 Comments on “Batless in St. Louis?”

  1. bj Says:

    I’m getting a phony looking pop up ad on your site. It wants me to click on it to down load Flash Player. I think it’s a scam. You might want to run a virus checker or whatever you need to check this out. Thanks, Jon

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Snowflake the dolphin has just decided to go back to Ray Finkle

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