And then there were 5

So far this MLB postseason is punctuating the Wild in Wild Card.


Seriously, with all the analytics and replay that baseball has, ESPN radio announcers were discussing before the game whether tonight’s umpire’s small strike zone will most help the Dodgers or Nationals.
Uh, there is ONE strike zone, so explain to me again why we can’t have robot umps now?

Okay, this is heretical to admit as an SF Giants fan, but sometimes I actually feel sorry for Clayton Kershaw.

And yes, can’t believe I’m defending Kershaw. But the idea that all pitchers are interchangeable in the postseason regardless of their regular season roles is to my mind yet another travesty to lay at the feet of analytics.

The Atlanta Braves had said before their game 5 today that out of respect to the Cardinals’ Ryan Helsley, who is a member of Cherokee nation, that they would “take several efforts to reduce the Tomahawk Chop during our in-ballpark presentation today.”
None perhaps as effective as allowing 10 runs in the first.

Braves looked so bad Atlanta sports fans were getting PTSD flashbacks to Super Bowl LI.

Lindsey Graham says he is “going to ask my colleagues in the Senate- Republicans- to sign a letter saying we do not believe transcript of the phone call between the president & the Ukraine is an impeachable offense.”
Lindsey’s waiting until someone comes forward with an alleged blow job?

Trump on the Kurds today “They didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy.”
So not helping us with Normandy will be Trump’s excuse the next time he causes a crisis with Germany?

Donald Trump attacked NBA coaches Steve Kerr and  Gregg Popovich for not speaking out with Hong Kong situation.  Maybe because he feels that unlike himself they have some real power in dealing with China.

Would someone please, on camera, ask Trump why he thinks the extradition issue with China is so important to Hong Kong?

Trump insulted Biden today, claiming with his son Hunter that he “has ripped off at least two countries for millions of dollars.”
Is Donald insulting Joe for not with his family ripping off more countries for billions?

Seriously? Now Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman are going after Kamala Harris for alleged “sexcapades.” At this point Amy Kobluchar has to feel insulted they haven’t gone after her with a fake toy boy.

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