Millions of the rea$on$.

Since college football is “amateur athletics,” as a fan, you can’t even buy a player a sandwich if you see him around town, but Notre Dame and Louisville can play on a bleeping Monday night during the school week because ESPN pays big $$$ to both schools….
Enough to make you long for the purity of pro wrestling.



Btw, how bad was the hit on Stanford QB K.J. Costello?    Even ESPN, which barely acknowledges college teams in California, wrote this   – “Costello took a shot to the head while sliding — the hit somehow didn’t draw a targeting penalty — and didn’t return.”

Brett Favre will apparently appear in a marketing promo this week for the NFL’s SNF opener featuring the Packers and Bears. Maybe he hopes the exposure will help increase his chances for another comeback?

Another reason I really like Velander (and have only rooted again him once, October 2012),Justin said he’d be lying if he weren’t thinking about joining the company of pitchers who have thrown at least 3 no-hitters.
How many players these days could name more than one of them?

Remember when Tony Romo was dating Jessica Simpson and Cowboys fans thought it adversely affected his play?
Guess Kate Upton isn’t hurting Justin Verlander any.

Meanwhile, as much as Pac 12 fans hate the really late night games, USC fans have to be thrilled most of the country was asleep Saturday night when they almost blew a game to Fresno State.

Early news reports out of Odessa Saturday had two shooters. So just imagine if a bunch of armed civilians had decided to get in their cars and chase after the killer. Wonder how many of them would be dead now too?

So a neighbor of the latest mass shooter in Odessa says she called police last month after he threatened her with a rifle. And that he would frequently shoot animals in his yard. But the police didn’t respond. Right, just another white guy exercising his “god-given” rights.”

Since Donald Trump never misses an opportunity to praise himself why isn’t he talking about his great golf games this weekend while helping US prepare for Hurricane Dorian?

From a new memoir, Call Sign Chaos, written by former Trump Defense Secretary James Mattis with former Reagan Assistant Defense Secretary Bing West.
“lf you haven’t read hundreds of books, you are functionally illiterate, and you will be incompetent, because your personal experiences alone aren’t broad enough to sustain you.”

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