Getting closer?

As we approach NFL preseason week 4, would anyone like to explain why there IS an NFL preseason week 4?


Justin Verlander, talking about his ejection yesterday while Astros were leading 9-0, after a close 2-2 pitch was called a ball. Got to love the understatement of the last sentence. “I thought it was a strike. He told me he thought it was a ball. Went back and forth a little bit. Turned my back and expressed one more time I didn’t think it was outside. Probably could have used better language when I said that.”



Two airlines in Australian airlines are prohibiting all 15-inch Apple Macbook Pros from being transported in the jets’ cargo holds. Okay, with all due respect, who is stupid enough to put a laptop in checked baggage?

Give Kirsten Gillibrand credit – she may never have broken 1% in the polls, but she has a much better grasp of reality than fellow New Yorker Bill De Blasio.

Alan Dershowitz has now declared himself a ‘victim of the MeToo movement.” Guessing someone hasn’t gotten any invites to Martha’s Vineyard.

Sasha Obama is going to be a freshman this year at Michigan.
How long until Donald Trump declares he’s always been a fan of “THE” Ohio State University?


More Trump “We are tracking closely tropical storm Dorian as it heads, as usual, to Puerto Rico. ”
And now it looks like Dorian will have maximum strength when it hits FLORIDA. Add to the list of women p*ssed at Trump – Mother Nature?


This one sadly, may not be that hard to figure out.
Trump now says children born overseas to US Military serving outside US won’t get automatic citizenship.
Senator John McCain was born while his parents were stationed in Panama.

Some people have a hard time figuring why Trump advocates so many deliberately cruel policies against immigrants, minorities and poor people.
What if cloaking cruelty towards people his supporters dislike under the guise of patriotism IS the point?

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