It doesn’t count, right?

Don’t have much interest in pre-season football but I must admit the Jimmy Garoppolo  hysteria after one bad preseason game is pretty amusing. 

And hey, as far as QB ratings, 0 is a perfect number too, right?

Antonio Brown hasn’t been able to play because he got frostbite because he didn’t wear prescribed footwear for below -100 degree cryotherapy.
And he’s worried about a helmet? Sounds like the damage has already been done. Or #cantfixstupid

Happiest people about Antonio Brown/Oakland Raiders saga have to be  Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Tomlin, along with Pittsburgh Steelers fans.


In Las Vegas, the most preseason Super Bowl bets are being placed on the the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns. Yeah, there’s a reason they’ve been able to afford to build all those amazing resorts.

Would love for Madison Bumgarner to re-sign with SF Giants next year. And have to wonder if Chris Sale, now out for the year with an elbow injury, has increased the chances of that happening.

As in encouraging moderation in competing offers – Sale, the same age as Madbum,  had just signed a five-year, $145 million contract extension this year.

Hard to know who wins the prize for feud between two people you’d most like to see BOTH lose.
But Trump vs. Scaramucci is getting some competition from Jerry Jones vs. Ezekiel Elliott.


Rumors that White House  is thinking of pushing for temporary payroll tax cut as a way to stop an economic slowdown. Wait, I thought this was greatest economy ever and anyone who says otherwise is pushing “fake News…”

FBI and police nailed three wannabe mass shooters this weekend, so surely Trump will be congratulating their good work. Oh wait, all three were young male white supremacists, never mind.

Never understood the appeal of mud-wrestling, but there’s something strangely compelling about watching Trump vs. Scaramucci.


Trump tweeting about “reducing tensions in Kashmir.” Does he think it has something to do with Ivanka’s expensive sweater line?


Donald Trump seems so vindictively obsessed with Scaramucci you’d almost think they once dated.

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