Not seeing things?

Ranges pitcher Jesse Chavez was frustrated with the strike zone last night, so removed his glasses and offered them to plate umpire Rob Drake as he walked off the mound last night.  Drake did not throw him out.  Apparently he didn’t see Chavez’s offer…

Saw “Power outage in New York” on Twitter and shockingly it wasn’t about the Mets.

Apparently Madison Bumgarner is one of few people who calls Buster Posey by his legal name “Gerald.” Maybe Buster doesn’t want to lose that.

Talk about dynasties in sports, forget Warriors and Patriots. Of the last 59 men’s major tennis tournaments, 51 have been won by Nadal, Federer and Djokovic.

Richie Incognito was  suspended 2 games by NFL for “conduct.” He pled guilty to disorderly conduct/criminal violence with domestic violence incident this year involving his grandmother. Following 2014 bullying suspension.

At least he didn’t do anything seriously bad like kneel for anthem.

Happy 77th Birthday to Harrison Ford. Now the Ark is no longer Lost. But his keys are.

Just wondering, how many undocumented immigrants from Europe who’ve overstayed their visas are on ICE’s deportation list this weekend?

As much as I detest Mike Pence, there’s one reason I’d prefer him as President now over Trump: To have a cult of personality, you need to have a personality.

New acting Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella was a lobbyist for sweatshops. But really, at this point would ANY decent person accept a job in Trump’s cabinet?

With Acosta resigning, Trump tweeted – “Alex was a great Secretary of Labor and his service is truly appreciated.” As more details come out, how long until Trump tweets that he hardly knew Acosta, and that he begged for the job.


Just had car washed. None of employees drying and polishing cars afterwards, in part for tips, were Caucasian. All of them working their butts off. Tell me again about the jobs immigrants are taking from “Americans.”

From Seattle Gerry.  One more about last night’s Mariners-Angels game. Worth the read.

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