Well, a Canadian dollar is really about three quarters.


Raptors in 1st half – “Wow, sure look like best team in NBA?”
Raptors in 3rd quarter “How the heck did they beat 76ers let alone the Bucks?”


NFL free agent DT Muhammad Wilkerson was arrested this weekend for driving while intoxicated in Manhattan.
Isn’t driving voluntarily in Manhattan, particularly if you have pro-athlete type money, itself grounds for a breathalyzer test?

Nice couple wins finally for SF Giants in Baltimore. Let’s hope it doesn’t cost them a top draft pick.


Many people’s definition of “socialism” is “anyone but me getting free stuff from the government.”

A principal of a Louisiana Catholic school was arrested for being drunk and not paying his bill on a trip to Washington D.C.  At a strip club.   Your move, Florida.


So after she wrote a column about the Mueller report and saying POTUS probably committed a crime, Donald Trump has decided to start a war of words with Peggy Noonan. Pass the popcorn.

So Trump makes a wordless PR visit to a church today on his way home from golfing, still in his golf clothes, including cap and shoes. But at times like this it is important to remember that Obama once wore a tan suit.

So as Trump heads to Britain, he no doubt imagines that himself is a king. I’m good with that, if it’s King Charles I.

Trump now about London Mayor Sadiq Khan – “‘I don’t think much of him. He’s the twin of de Blasio except shorter.”
Wonder how many more balloons and other protests Khan can approve by tomorrow.

Trump says “The problem is that Mexico is an “abuser” of the United States, taking but never giving.” Once again, not that Freud was perfect, but he NAILED projection.

USA imports two-fifths of total fruits and vegetables from Mexico. Another reason Trump is so heedless with tariffs. Does anyone think he has eaten fruits or vegetables in his life?



Trump just announced Kevin Hassett his top economist, is leaving his administration. Who says tariffs don’t have consequences?

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