Year of the ref…

That Sharks hand pass was almost as blatant as Rams pass interference.

Pelicans GM David Griffin, after NBA draft lottery: “I don’t believe the universe makes mistakes.”
Maybe while he’s in New Orleans he shouldn’t say that around Saints fans?

Trying to remember if Brook Lopez ever even scored 29 points at Stanford…. #Bucks

Kareem Hunt, who signed with Browns after being cut by Chiefs after video surfaced of him hitting and kicking a woman says he made “a mistake.” And “I know I am not going to mess this up again.”
Maybe it’s just semantics, but instead of “not going to mess this up” how about, “I know violence against women is wrong and I’m never going to do that again.”

Ted Cruz today  – we need “space force” to protect us from space pirates. What, no space grizzly bears.

Adam Semprevivo, whose dad pleaded guilty to paying $400,000 to get him into Georgetown University by pretending he was a top tennis player is now suing the school both to prevent them from expelling him. He is also asking for “appropriate compensation.”
Wonder if the kid will also ask for sympathy due to his diagnosed “affluenza.”

Jared Kushner’s immigration plan apparently lets visa applicants get “eligibility points” several ways, such as by taking a U.S. civics course and passing a criminal background check.
Shame there aren’t similar standards for the Trump House

White House counsel Pat Cipollone rejecting Congress’s request for Trump documents – “Congressional investigations are intended to obtain information to aid in evaluating potential legislation, not to harass political opponents.”
Surprised he didn’t add – they should be focusing on important things like Benghazi.

So while GOP legislatures try to criminalize and ban abortion included in the new Trump tariffs against China are … baby clothes.
Once again, pro-life my ass.

We make bad jokes about Southerners marrying their own relatives. Now in Alabama, no joke, if a girl is a victim of incest she might have to give birth to her own brother.


Two steps to eliminate most abortions.
1. All men have reversible vasectomies at puberty.
2. When they are in a stable relationship and ready for children, they go with their partner, sign a JOINT statement with her, and have the operation reversed.
You’re welcome.

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