No brag too small _Trump tweet this am “Has anyone noticed that all the Boston @RedSox have done is WIN since coming to the White House! Others also have done very well. The White House visit is becoming the opposite of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated!?”
Somehow I miss tweet taking credit for 1st place and defending champion Washington Capitals visiting Trump, then getting bounced in the FIRST round of NHL playoffs.



Maximum Security jockey Luis Saez has received an unusually harsh 15 day suspension for not making “the proper effort to maintain a straight course.”
Now that’s just one horse race. For a continued infraction how long could we suspend a U.S. President?

Russell Wilson, who just signed a 4 year $140 million with a $65 million signing bonus, bought his mom a house for Mother’s Day.
Wilson didn’t say where the house is but we know it’s not in San Francisco. He’d have needed a bigger contract.


Judge ruled prosecutors cannot use secretly recorded video allegedly showing Robert Kraft engaging in massage parlor sex. So this time Patriots BENEFIT from tapes being declared illegal?

Really awful that cruise ship passengers died in a float-plane accident on a shore excursion.
But have to wonder, how many people booked on cruises die each year driving to get to the port? Or the airport if they are flying to their embarkation point?

Wendy Vitter’s nomination for a Federal Judgeship might be voted on this week. If her name sounds familiar, she’s the wife of former Louisiana senator “Diaper David” Vitter, who admitted to being a regular customer of a DC prostitution ring.
Wendy herself endorsed a brochure saying the Birth Control pill could cause breast, cervical, or liver cancers, and user could meet a “violent death” because they’re more likely to cheat on their partners.

Can we all take a moment to contemplate that Trump is calling for tariffs on Chinese goods by tweets made from an iPhone?

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