With all the controversy over Kentucky Derby ending, most unhappy people in horse racing – other than Maximum Security owners and bettors- have to be anyone connected to the Preakness.

SF Giants tied a major league record by hitting four batters in one inning today. Given that it’s Great American Ballpark I’m amazed one of the balls didn’t bounce off a batter and over the outfield fence.

Best pitching line of the day for SF Giants. Again.
P. Sandoval 1.0 0 0 0   0    0     0       10-7      0.00

And the Red Sox are paying his salary.. Pablo Sandoval on Monday became the first major league player since 1905 to hit a home run, steal a base and post a scoreless outing in the same game.

After SF leaves the launching pad known as Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, the Giants travel for a three series at Coors Field. So who on the team pitching staff REALLY p*ssed someone off in the scheduling department.

SF Giants game in Cincinnati was  actually delayed by BEES! Can we blame everyone who complained this season didn’t have enough buzz?

Julian Castro is the latest candidate to qualify for 2020 Presidential debates. At this point the real limiting factor on number of participants is likely to be the decision of the fire marshal.

Trump gave Tiger Woods medal of honor “because of his incredible success [and] comeback in sports, and more importantly, life.”
Translation, how long until there’s a Tiger Woods-branded course at one of Trump’s golf resorts?

Florida Senator Rick Scott ranting on Twitter about what he considers a “terrible idea” – ‘If you want to buy a gun, @CoryBooker wants you to register with the federal government.”
Gosh, next the government might want you to register your car..

Why we all love Prince Harry. After the birth of his and Meghan’s son – “How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension.”




Okay, anyone else but me hit the apathy trifecta – Game of Thrones, Avenger Endgame and MetGala ?

Ken Starr, complaining about Mueller letter about Barr being leaked “That is, to me, the unforgivable sin.”
“Unforgivable sin?”   Right, as opposed to ignoring rape and sexual assaults by athletes at  Baylor?

Betsy Devos doesn’t think teachers should go on strike, because “it hurts students.” Well, maybe if we arm teachers those contract negotiations might go faster?




From Marc Ragovin “I’m not saying the Mets are bad, but the only way they are winning the division is if the Nats, Phils, Braves, and Marlins veer out of their lanes.”

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