For love of the game?

Apparently with their 14-17 start, Red Sox have banned the video game “Fortnite” as a “distraction” in their clubhouse.
Ok, SF Giants have had a lousy start, but at least they aren’t making lousy excuses. #smallmercies


At LaGuardia, Brooklyn Nets point guard D’Angelo Russell was detained and cited for possession after TSA said they found marijuana inside a “hidden compartment of an AriZona Iced Tea can.”
Those cans hold 12 ounces of liquid. So just thinking, if you’re going to try to bring pot on a plane, maybe you shouldn’t bring it in something TSA would confiscate anyway?

In Denver last night, Nuggets fans were chanting “Kanter sucks!” and one yelled out, “Go back to Turkey, oh wait you can’t!”

For those who don’t know the story, Kanter has criticized the Turkish President, and the country has revoked his passport, issued a warrant for his arrest,  and threatened to throw him in prison if he returns.   And we thought the Broncos fans throwing snowballs were as low as you could go in Denver.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner married Joe Jonas tonight in a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.
Well, after GOT can imagine why Turner might have had more than the usual horror of big weddings.


GOP-controlled Florida legislature passed a bill outlawing “sanctuary cities. Gov. Ron DeSantis – “We are a stronger state when we protect our residents, foster safe communities and respect the work of law enforcement at every level.”
And he said this with a straight face? Florida!!?

Patti Davis in an open letter to GOP “If you are going to stand silent as America is dismantled and dismembered, as democracy is thrown onto the ash heap of yesterday, shame on you. But don’t use my father’s name on the way down.”
Waiting for someone in Trump administration to attack Patti’s father…

Two Federal Reserve Board nominees gone in about a week. Who’s Trump going to pick for his third strike?

Jesus said “the truth shall set you free.”  Guess Jesus would never get a job in the Trump administration.

Playing to his evangelical base, Trump talked a lot about freedom of religion on National Prayer Day.   This is the religious equivalent of Henry Ford saying you can have any color as long as it’s black.

All this commotion about Barr. Am I the only one thinking “Can we just skip him and go to the source? When can Mueller testify?

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