Opening daze

Three of the nicest words in the English language “Baseball is back!” Happy Opening Day.


So SF Giants did get shut out on Opening Day in San Diego. On a brighter note, they didn’t get no-hit. #smallmercies

Meanwhile Bryce Harper went 0-3 in his Phillies debut. So maybe Giants fans can console themselves – signing him wouldn’t have helped?

Meanwhile Dodgers hit eight home runs in their opening day game.  Begging the question, by the time Los Angeles comes to AT&T Park on April 29, will SF have hit 8 home runs by then?


Texas Tech 24. Michigan 16 at halftime. Did NCAA not tell us preseason was starting early for football?

Seriously though, four teams tonight scored under 60 points and one of those teams actually won. Thinking not only are these one-and-dones not going to class, they’re not learning to shoot a basketball either.

Trump says no man has been better for Puerto Rico than he has. He could be right. Having no US president during hurricane couldn’t have been worse.

Winning $768 million Powerball ticket sold in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Wonder what winner will do with money, after moving out of New Berlin, Wisconsin?

On a brighter note Donald Trump did say now Special Olympics WILL be funded by his administration. How long until he blames Democrats and takes credit for saving it.

Trump is as ready with a replacement for Obamacare as he is ready to release his tax returns.


Jared Kushner today talking to Senate Intelligence Committee. This might be the first time “Jared Kushner” and “Intelligence” have been used in the same sentence.

Too early to predict if Cory Booker will be Democratic nominee in 2020 – but how nice to hear positive adult town hall last night with policy ideas instead of another bullying Trump  ranting rally.

Mueller’s report is more than 300 pages. Which means judging it on Barr’s four-page letter is like judging Harry Potter by the jacket blurb…written by Voldemort.

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