So nobody wants that top draft pick?

Warriors being beaten by lowly Suns last night might have been one of most embarrassing games of NBA season. Raptors in Cleveland  “Hold our expensive beer.”

(the Cavaliers, 2nd worst team in NBA,  beat Toronto, 2nd best team in NBA east, by 25.)

Fox Sports hired Urban Meyer for new 2019 college football pregame show. Gosh, in most of country this might make ratings as good as ratings for this year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans.


Getting over it is for wusses..  Mailed from a New Orleans friend.


An Iditarod Musher lost a huge lead after he said he yelled at one of dogs and “then they wouldn’t go anymore. Anywhere. So we camped here.” So they couldn’t be bossed around. Who did the pack think they were, cats?

Michelle Wie is engaged to Jonnie West, son of former Lakers star Jerry West. How long until all their future children will be offered scholarships?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wouldn’t discuss Trump checks to Michael Cohen. Amazed she didn’t say if they were real Donald would have written them to “Michael Lawyer” to save time.

Trump says making “Daylight Savings Time permanent is O.K. with me!” Wait until someone tells him California is one of the states most in favor of it.

What’s next, we’re going to find out that Cindy Yang also runs a chain of pedophile pizza parlors?

U.S. Customs has seized 3,000 lbs of cocaine, worth $77 million, at Port New York/Newark. Build that sea wall?

So who really cares that Trump called Tim Cook “Tim Apple.” But then Friday night he told donors that he said Tim Cook Apple, but the Cook was said softly. Now he tweets “I referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words…””
Is there ANYTHING he won’t lie about?


As Senate approaches a vote on Trump’s National Emergency declaration this from GOP Sen Roy Blunt ” think we’re universally for what the president wants to do, but there’s significant concern about using the emergency in this new way that sets a precedent likely in court that future presidents could use.”
Translation, we think Trump should be able to do whatever he wants, but God forbid a future Democrat can do the same thing.

For some reason, Fox News isn’t covering Trump’s proposed $845 billion cuts to Medicare.

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4 Comments on “So nobody wants that top draft pick?”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Here are 2 fun facts. One. According to USA Today, Madison Square Gardens, which is a privately built and owned facility as not paid full property taxes since 1982. The state legislature gave the tax break after the Ranger and Knicks threaten to move out of the area. Last year it saved them $54 million. Would someone please explain to me why the rich get all of the tax breaks.
    Two. Last year at one of his photo-op event called Marilyn Hewson (Chairman, President, & CEO of Lockheed Martin, ‘Marilyn Lockheed’.

  2. Terry Burns Says:

    At least Fox is consistent. They have hired an ethically challenged liar (Meyer) and a known cheat (Bush)for their college football studio show.

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