A need for speed?

Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright suspended 80 games for PED’s. Wright is a knuckleballer. So did he take PEDs to increase his pitch speed from 60 to 70 mph?

Any given weekday?  Less than 24 hours after beating the Golden State Warriors on their home court at Oracle by 33, the Boston Celtics needed a bucket by Gordon Hayward with 2 seconds left to beat the Sacramento Kings?

After the Bears were knocked out of playoffs by a missed kick that did a double doink off the uprights and crossbars,  Chicago has signed a potential new placekicker.- His name? Chris Blewitt.

Some items don’t even need a punch line.

As a San Antonio Spurs fan glad they won tonight to help keep their currently 21 year  playoff streak potentially alive. But “beloved” referee Scott Foster, former friend of Tim Donaghy, threw Atlanta Hawks Taurean Prince late out in 3rd with 2 straight technicals – the first for saying something & the 2nd for saying something else in response to the technical fouls. Because of course everyone tunes in to NBA games to watch refs?


There are people alive with gray hair who don’t remember Jeopardy before Alex Trebek.

A Stanford admissions officer is in jail accused of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend while on LSD. Wonder how many parents are calling the university, worried this might affect THEIR child’s application.

What’s worse, that Trump threatened an academy about releasing his high school grades? Or that Trump is small enough to think anyone CARES about high school grades?


GM closing Lordstown plant today, the 1st of 4 US plants they will close, with 1435 hourly workers laid off and only 417 able to transfer. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

At White House today Trump called Tim Cook “Tim Apple.” Personally, I don’t care if he wrongly calls someone by a fake name. I care when he wrongly calls the border situation a fake “National Emergency.”


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