For those who say “get over it” with the Saints being robbed by refs- the Patriots also had an early lead – 14-0 at halftime, “let” KC come back, and ended up facing 3rd and 10 early in OT on their own 35. Imagine if a Chiefs defender had decked Edelman, PI, helmet-to-helmet and no call.
New England would have punted, and Kansas City, since Mahomes was dialed it, probably would have won. But I am sure Patriots fans would be “over it.”

San Antonio Spurs get a home win with a buzzer beater from Rudy Gaby, 126-124 over the… Phoenix Suns?!?   Speaking of being robbed,  Spurs coach Gregg Popovich

“I thought that they outplayed us, outcoached us, outphysicaled us, outexecuted us. We had no respect for them or for the game. We didn’t play with each other. It was a pathetic performance, and Phoenix got robbed.”


While we were focused on hamberders…. According to reporter Michael Harriott, at Trump’s Clemson fast-food dinner “”15 of the University’s black players listed on the school’s official roster attended the White House visit, the vast majority of whom (11) were freshmen or sophomores who had very little playing time during the season. Just one senior made the trip and only six of the players in attendance were even listed on Clemson’s national championship depth chart. There are at least 57 black student-athletes on Clemson’s official team roster, which means 74 % of Clemson’s African-American players chose not to make the trip to the White House..”

In California, Ghirardelli and Russell Stover have to pay over $750,000 in fines for “oversized containers” that “mislead” consumers into thinking they were getting more candy than they are actually buying.

This does not bode well this Easter for makers of hollow chocolate bunnies.”

A 56 year-old man is facing felony charges after allegedly stealing pills he thought were opioids. They were actually laxatives. (Where? Of course, Florida.)
But talk about a sh*tty story.

Wistful at the thought that with Polar Vortex this week comedians could have been falling all over each other to come up with the best “President Hillary Clinton is cold” joke.

Donald Trump says he will give a Super Bowl pregame interview on Sunday.
Yet another reason for Saints fans not to watch the game.


After allegations of knowing hiring illegal workers and helping them falsify document, apparently Donald Trump’s companies will start using E-Verify. – which Trump has touted in some speeches.
Translation, until they got caught, they saw no reason to change business as usual.

Howard Schultz toying with running for President might be doing as much for the Starbucks brand as “New Coke” did for Coca Cola.


Howard Schultz, a life-long Democrat, is trying to explain why he would run for President as an Independent. But really, there’s only one reason – because he has no chance to win Democratic primary.



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