Sticking by the Bay

RIP Peter Magowan, 76, former managing-partner of the SF Giants.   Though younger fans may not remember, he was one of the people most responsible for keeping that team that plays in the monstrosity called Tropicana Field from being the Tampa Bay Giants.

(Ironically, he was due to be honored this year, and the Giants’ opening day opening at now… ugh, Oracle Pack – are the Tampa Bay Rays.)

Gregg Popovich angrily called a timeout 16 seconds into tonight’s Spurs game, after the Wizards scored an easy bucket. San Antonio ended up winning 132-119.
Can’t win a game in 1st quarter, but Pop knows…sometimes you can lose it.

Golden State Warriors look so good with five all-stars healthy now about only thing that could stop them is Bill Vinovich’s crew officiating the NBA finals.

Tampa Bay Rays announced that Tropicana Field will become first cash-free sports venue in North America. Wonder if the team got approval from both of their season ticket holders?

So on Monday hundreds of thousands of federal employees will return to work for first time in over a month, after being given only a few hours notice before the shutdown.
And you think the leftovers in YOUR office fridge are scary.

Another mass shooting in US, this time in Louisiana. Suspect again is young white man. Wonder if Trump has his staff look into all these killings in hopes one was committed by an immigrant.

Not even that Kamala Harris is my first choice. But already seen Twitter attacks on her over Willie Brown – not from MAGAers but Bernie supporter


Can I go on record as saying as long as underage boys or girls, or rape, aren’t involved, I really don’t care who the Democratic nominee has slept with?

Open note to Democrats wanting to be elected President in 2020 – how about showing us what you can do to help save the country from Trump in 2019?

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