Mike Mussina just elected to Baseball Hall of Fame. About time. Go Stanford.

Chiefs have fired their defensive coordinator after loss to Patriots on Sunday. Well, of course, he neglected to tell players they weren’t allowed to TOUCH Tom Brady.

Saints have been criticized a lot for play-calling and not going for 3 running plays before kicking a FB late in 4th, when Rams would have had it back with about a minute left. Actually the play calling was vintage Payton, going for the game-winning TD. Which looking at videos they would have had easily. …

More people in Los Angeles watched Chiefs-Patriots game than Rams-Saints.  Hope the Super Bowl doesn’t conflict with a Lakers game.

Now at least one airline warning “customers traveling from US airports may experience longer wait times than usual at security TSA checkpoints due to current US Govt. shutdown. We strongly recommend customers arrive at US airports at least 3 hrs before departure time of their flight.”
Are we great yet?

So now that the birthers have started in on Kamala Harris, suppose it would save time if Cory Booker brings a copy of his birth certificate with him when he announces he is running for President.

And now that Supreme Court has let Trump transgender military ban stand can’t wait to see all the MAGAers stampeding to recruiting offices to take transgender troops’ places.

As Senate prepares to vote Thursday on a bill to open government until Feb. 8 while working on border security funding, your reminder – with McConnell’s blessing and support, they passed “near-identical legislation on bipartisan lines before the shutdown began.”

So Donald Trump is insisting he still wants to do SOTU next week. Fine, why doesn’t he do it from real center of his government -Fox News Studios?

Trying to imagine if a liberal public school had organized a field trip for students to DC for the purpose of marching for abortion rights….

I’m so old I can remember that even the worst Winter or Spring break behavior from high school or college students didn’t require a PR firm.



Lara Trump to furloughed workers “It is a little bit of pain, but it’s going to be for the future of our country….”
So is she going to send them some lovely Trump branded cake to eat during the shutdown?

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