Countdown to kickoffs.

Kansas City fans – We hope Mahomes can end our 49 year Super Bowl drought.
Boston fans – We really are the underdogs, promise. In fact, they should deflate our footballs to make it more fair.
New Orleans fans – Sorry, what, we can’t hear you? Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat!
Los Angeles fans – Is there a big game this weekend? Is Lebron back?

Weather forecast in Kansas City this Sunday night for the Chiefs Patriots game has improved from near zero to temperatures in the 20s. Gosh, by Midwest winter standards that’s practically shorts weather.

Another Southwest plane slid off the runway today. Fortunately no injuries but never thought “Wanna Get Away” meant getting off the tarmac.

Apparently 376 Central Americans have just requested asylum after crossing US border in Arizona through tunnels. So yeah, about that wall.

Over 10,000 furloughed federal employees have now applied for food stamps. And sadly some of them are probably at the US Dept of Agriculture that oversees food stamps.

School where Karen Pence teaches doesn’t just forbid LBGT students, they reserve “right to expel student if they, their parents, or someone in their household engages in homosexual or bisexual activity, or supports or condones that behavior.” “Supports or condones that behavior?” What, like playing Elton John music?”

Got it, so Donald Trump only hires “the best people” but they become weak and stupid liars after they quit or he fires them.

New Trump rule. “Under no circumstances during a government shutdown will any government owned, rented, leased or chartered aircraft support any Congressional delegation, without the express written approval of the White House Chief of Staff.”

But FLOTUS needing a spa weekend, THAT’s essential.

Why Saturday for Trump important announcement? Does he know that even his cult member don’t want their football games interrupted? Or is he trying to end shutdown so Melania can avoid criticism when she takes a government plane back from her Florida spa weekend.

Democrats have now passed 9 separate bills to open government. Just saying.

Your reminder that the 9 bills Democrats have passed to open the government are almost the same bills the GOP-led Senate passed UNANIMOUSLY before Christmas.

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One Comment on “Countdown to kickoffs.”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    I can hear Melania now. “But Donald, it would not look good if I flew back from Florida during the ‘shutdown’. I’ll just stay down here until it is over.”

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