And the doinks just keep on coming

Did Adam Vinatieri suddenly get 10 years older in the past week?


Lawrence Taylor reportedly sent prostitutes to his opponents’ hotel rooms before big games

Thinking on a more PG level  Saints  fans should be hospitable hosts and send King Cakes to Eagles’ hotel rooms tonight. Lots of big King Cakes with gooey icing, maybe pecan and cream-cheese filled too.

Okay, who had Colts scoring first TD in 2nd quarter, before they had a 1st down?

And is there a football magnet on the goal posts this year?

So the Arizona Cardinals just hired Kliff Kingsbury, who couldn’t win at Texas Tech with Patrick Mahomes?

Alabama sophomore DE LaBryan Ray was arrested last night in Tuscaloosa for alleged public intoxication. Just how drunk do you have to be as a Crimson Tide player to be arrested in Alabama for it?0And so does Putin claim Trump as a dependent on his tax returns?

If Mitch McConnell would simply allow Senate to VOTE on the same bill they passed unanimously in December, then we’d at least know what side all Senators are on with the shutdown.

Five killed so far in Winter Storm Gia crashes in Kansas and Missouri. By Trump logic should the states be blamed for not clearing the roads and letting people drive in the snow?

At times like this with bombshells about Trump rvealed by Washington Post and NY Times, it is important to remember that Barack Obama once wore a tan suit.

Trump may have gotten rid of records from his private meeting with Russia’s leader. But I’ll bet Putin kept his.



California police officer Ronil Singh, 33, fatally shot by an illegal immigrant, tweeted about and eulogized repeatedly by Donald Trump.
Natalie Corona, 23, fatally shot by a white man with a battery conviction, and crickets.
Sad, and pathetic.

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2 Comments on “And the doinks just keep on coming”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    It’s been so long since the Cowboys last Super Bowl, maybe they should be called Colonial America’s team

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