That’ll teach him?

Clemson DT Dexter Lawrence, who was suspended indefinitely over PEDs and missed Tigers’ postseason games, has announced he will leave early for 2019 NFL draft. Makes sense, because in NFL a positive drug test only costs you 4 games.


Eight NFL head coaches fired, six white men – so far hired. How’s that “Rooney Rule” working out?

More from our well-regulated militia:  A former LSU offensive lineman lost a leg in a duck hunting incident after his dog reportedly jumped on his gun and, the weapon went off.    Well, dog-gone it.


SF Giants changing name from AT&T Park to Oracle Park. And it’s only a coincidence if fans suddenly end up with a major increased in dropped calls?

FDA issued recall notice for “Modjeskas” candy, sold by Kentucky company and QVC as it might be contaminated with Hepatitis A. Okay, MAGAers, you know what to do. Defy science, buy more of the candy and “own the libs.”

Trump argues we need wall to stop migrants driving right across in their “unbelievable vehicles… stronger, bigger, and faster vehicles than our police have, than ICE has” So Trump is TRYING to get more Americans to buy cars made in Mexico?

Maybe if someone told Donald Trump that until the shutdown is over, health inspectors won’t be able to vouch for the safety of his fast food orders…

Trump insists walls work.   But curiously a wall didn’t work to stop Dorothy, a tin man, scarecrow and lion.   Speaking of REALLY successful witch hunts…


Coast Guard suggested their employees consider a garage sale during their furlough. Hmm, or maybe some private sales of stuff they might happen to find on boats trying to sneak into the US?

So when the next hurricane destroys parts of Florida, Louisiana or Texas, will Trump withhold FEMA money until people stop building near the shoreline?

None of the headlines today seem to have real Trump Oval Office Tuesday speech message right. “My campaign manager shared political polling data with a business associate tied to Russian intelligence but I REALLY hope you won’t notice.”

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