Tide Rolled

Trevor Lawrence said he hopes to win “at least 3” more championships at Clemson. If he were a basketball player he’d be packing up his dorm room tomorrow.

Your reminder that Clemson senior QB Kelly Bryant transferred to Missouri this year after he said starting job was unfairly taken away from him & given to Trevor Lawrence.

Hard to believe but this Clemson team needed a 4th quarter comeback led by 3rd string QB Chase Brice earlier this year to beat Syracuse.

Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa sure looked like an NFL quarterback tonight. Unfortunately the QB he looked like was Mark Sanchez.

Carl Grove, 90, was stripped of his gold medal in cycling he won at Masters Track National Championships after testing positive for a PED.
He blamed the result on “bad meat.” Really, wouldn’t it have been more believable to claim a tainted supplement? Like Ensure?

Nonpolitical rant of the day: If you have about 10 items in a “10 items or less Express Line” AND you have two return items for credit requiring manager approval, AND you want to complain because you spent 25 cents for a bag last time and the handle broke… just maybe you shouldn’t be in the Express Line.


If it was a REAL national emergency , why didn’t Donald Trump have his press conference preempt the National Football Championship?

That moment when the Bachelor is ready to start up another season tonight and you realize it’s much more reality-based than the show coming out of the Oval Office.

About this national emergency Trump wants to declare to build the wall: he had over 700 days with GOP in control of House and Senate when he could have passed almost anything he wanted….

So POTUS who refers to media as “enemy of the people” just got all major networks to give him free time for an immigration speech, when those same networks turned down Obama’s request for same thing in 2014.
But yeah, Democrats need to be more civil.


Just guessing Tuesday night that Trump will
1. Declare a national emergency giving him power and unlimited money to build his wall.
2. Declare he will sign a bill to open government and take credit for it.
3. Declare victory
4. Declare he has earned a vacation.
And then, like with the caravan and his middle-class tax cut and most everything else and drug prices, he will do nothing except search for the next shiny distracting object.” 

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