Not quite full house?

Tickets for the College Football National Championship  Game Monday are down as low as $151 on Stubhub.
If this keeps up there’ll be so many empty seats fans will think they’re at a 49ers game.

And hey, who’d a thunk people might not want to show up for an Alabama-Clemson matchup.  Why, those teams haven’t played each other in about 370 days.

Not sure if an eight-team playoff would have produced more interesting games.  But it might have produced more ticket buyers.



NY Giants GM Dave Gettleman on 2019. “My commitment is to make this team the best team it can be. If that happens to have Eli playing quarterback, it does.”
Translation. maybe if Eli wants to play at the Meadowlands he should talk to the Jets?

(a friend of mine suggested, Rutgers?)

RIP Daryl Dragon, 76, the Captain of “Captain and Tennille.” With luck he’ll go to heaven where no one has to hear “Muskrat Love” ever again.

How many children growing up in Fox News households are going to get “F”s on future history tests that ask about the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Donald Trump telling Mitt Romney to be a “team player” is like Bernie Sanders telling a Democratic senator to be a ‘team player’

Now Trump is claiming that even though Mattis handed him a resignation latter, he “essentially fired” his defense secretary.
In other words “He didn’t break up with me I broke up with him. Nobody breaks up with me.”

Fox News ridiculed Elizabeth Warren for drinking beer on camera in a Instagram New Year’s Eve video at her house. So they think instead of running for President, Warren should be nominated to the Supreme Court?

In 2016, Border Patrol apprehended 337,117 people trying to get into US. Also in 2016, Department of Homeland Security issued an estimate for the number of people in the U.S. on visas that had expired in fiscal 2015: 527,127.
How about spending some of Trump’s proposed ridiculous wall money on visa tracking?

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