Happy trails

Christmas has come early for SF Giants pitchers.  Arizona Diamondbacks have traded Paul Goldschmidt out of the division to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Good for Derek Fisher being chosen as coach of the LA Sparks. But it will be better and bigger news when Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon gets chosen as head coach of an NBA team.

Real shame Stanford won’t be playing in this year’s Rose Bowl with Ohio State. Not so much for the game…. but imagine LSJUMB (Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band) tribute to a retiring Urban Meyer

USA Gymnastics is declaring bankruptcy. Womp womp.

In Time’s reader poll for “Person of the Year,” the leader is currently “Planet Earth.”
Waiting for Trump tweet saying Earth is overrated.

While we in the US are freaking out about Christmas song lyrics, has anyone reminded MAGAers about the line “Make the Yuletide Gay?”

If your children and grandchildren love you as much as George H.W Bush’s clearly loved him then you’ve probably lived a pretty good life.

You don’t have to think George H.W. Bush was a good President to know he was a good man.


Substantial assistance” is the reason Mueller says Michael Flynn shouldn’t get jail time. Just guessing that Moscow, and maybe anywhere they serve tea in Western Europe, shouldn’t be in Flynn’s future vacation plans.

Trump was actually almost late for Bush Funeral. Was he hoping it would rain so he could stay home?
George H.W. Bush’s casket will lie in state at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston for a final service where the former President and his wife worshiped for over 50 years.  Okay, be honest, can even Trump supporters say Donald has worshiped ANYWHERE FOR 40 years. Besides his mirror?
Seriously, how are they going to find speakers someday for Donald Trump’s funeral?
Give Donald Trump credit. If he weren’t President, Americans wouldn’t today be appreciating George H.W. Bush’s decency so much.
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7 Comments on “Happy trails”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Wisconsin GOP has just stripped Mike McCarthy’s successor of any coaching powers.

  2. Donald Sherman Says:

    That is very funny.

  3. Donald Sherman Says:

    The comic strip “Pearl Before Swine”, ran a strip where one of the character was called a “racist little Nazi”, because he singing the song, “I’m Dreaming of a Winter Christmas.”

  4. tc in bc Says:

    Now we don our Gay apparel.

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