Did the dog eat their receipt too?

MLB says they have asked for their $5,000 donation back to Mississippi Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith, claiming “The contribution was made in connection with an event that M.L.B. lobbyists were asked to attend.”
Jeez, and MLB thinks some of players’ steroids excuses are bad.


The Calgary Stampeders. who had the CFL’s best regular season record, won this year’s Grey Cup today over Ottawa, 27-16.
Yeah, I know people often joke about the college champion, but wonder how many NFL teams the Stampeders actually COULD beat.

Just pointing out that the Cleveland Browns have as many wins- plus a tie – as the Raiders and 49ers put together.

49ers release Reuben Foster after his latest DV arrest last night. Of course, considering that the LB was already on two years’ probation since June stemming from his last arrest, guessing he was going to be unavailable anyway.

Phillip Rivers tied an NFL record set by Ryan Tannehill with 25 straight completed passes Sunday. But does Rivers’ share of the record have an asterisk because it was against the Arizona Cardinals?



So first it’s romaine lettuce, how long until we have a live-action sequel to Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle?”

Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming” is now #1 on NY Times bestseller list.
I’m sure if he finds out Donald Trump will have an appropriately dignified and congratulatory response.

Senator Joni Ernst, asked about Friday’s climate change report said that climate “ebbs and flows”. Right. Because she has so much experience with tides in Iowa?

As Donald Trump is now referring to himself as “President T” can we almost cue Professor Harold Hill – “with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pee.. (And where is that tape anyway?”)

If it’s all a question of wages, and immigrants taking jobs that Americans really want to do, how come Donald Trump insisted he needed to hire over 70 temporary foreign workers, mostly from Haiti, at Mar-A-Lago?

Surely if ANYONE could have afforded to pay a living wage.


Since it is public record with the H2-B visa requests – ie hiring immigrants because you can’t find Americans, I’m sure Donald Trump doesn’t mind the world knowing at Mar-A-Lago for 2018, he was offering the princely wage of $13.31 per hour – down three cents from 2017. Can’t imagine why US citizens wouldn’t jump at that in pricey South Florida….

If Trump had a golf course in San Diego and some of his employees were included in the 90,000 cross-border commuters from Mexico, does anyone think he wouldn’t find another way to deal with the migrants than closing the border.

Seriously as a nation can we at least agree on a few things? Like “Teargassing children is wrong.”

If you say you’d do ANYTHING for your children, but are condemning mothers who want to help their children escape horrors in Central and Latin America, you just might be a hypocrite.

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