Changing venues?

NFL moving Chiefs Rams Monday Night Football game from Mexico City to Los Angeles. Wonder why the league didn’t consider Oakland? Fans there would love to watch professional football.


Tom Tolbert for reaction of the day on KNBR radio – upon hearing that Rams are going use USC’s practice facilities for their game now Monday in Los Angeles. “Well that’s cool, not like the Trojans are using them this year anyhow.”

Draymond Green had tantrum & argument with teammate, Steve Kerr puts him in a one-game time out. That moment when NBA coach shows more ability to manage people than President of the United States.

Marco Rubio, ranting about the Florida election “Imagine if NFL team was trailing 24-22 but in final seconds hits a 3 pt kick to win. Then AFTER game lawyers for losing team get a judge to order rules changed so that last second field goals are only 1 point

Uh, more like imagine if NFL team looked like they were trailing because refs were watching on tape delay and hadn’t seen all the scoring yet.


So how many years does UCF need to go undefeated to get into the College Football Playoffs top ten?

(and at this point, what major school will play them?)

After blaming video games in June, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin now said “zombie” television shows are more to blame for mass shootings than guns.
Right, that’s why they have so many mass shootings in Japan.

As Melania Trump got rid of a top national security aide, perhaps useful to remember that GOP lost their collective sh*t when Hillary Clinton fired staffers in White House travel office.

Wonder how long it will take for Donald Trump to realize, that as much as he derided Jeff Flake, Flake almost ALWAYS voted with him.
Mean bitch karma must be wearing a Kyrsten Sinema button.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn “I think Director Mueller needs to wrap this thing up. He needs to finish his job. This thing has been hanging out there for a long time”
Mueller was appointed in May, 2017. The Clinton WHITEWATER investigation, (remember that?) went on over four years.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reportedly will leave White House by the end of the year. Because she already has a lifetime supply of burnt facts for her eyeliner?

Sen. Mitch McConnell in an op-ed piece for Fox News “Will Dems work with us, or simply put partisan politics ahead of the country?”
For an enlightened response, can someone ask Justice Merrick Garland?

If there are any ballot-designers with time on their hands and a sense of civic duty could you PLEASE contact Florida? Before 2020?

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