Monday Night Football will feature the NY Giants vs. SF 49ers.  “I’ll take ‘games that looked better when they drew up the schedule’ for $400, Alex.”

The Cleveland Browns have now won 2 more games this season than the Cavaliers?

Wait a minute, the team with a two-game lead in the NFC East is the… Washington Redskins?   And they have twice as many wins as the Wizards.


On a lighter note, who says a week before  Big Game that Cal and Stanford can’t get along? Especially when it comes to beating the USC  Trojans.

Age and treachery  (and skill)  department  – Drew Brees threw as many touchdown passes (three) as incompletions, going 22 of 25 passes for 265 yards and three touchdowns.  (And he would have had 4 TD passes but one was overturned as the runner not breaking the plane of the end zone.)

And while some say the Saints should have left their punter home for the trip to Cincinnati – he never kicked. Morstead did do a fine job as the holder for New Orleans placekicks.

-On Sunday Night Football, on November 11, Walmart is running a CHRISTMAS ad. Can we get bipartisan agreement that this is wrong?

In a time where we don’t have much in the way of unity in this country,  who’d expect Pete Davidson on Weekend Update to apologize in person for a joke to Dan Crenshaw, the vet who lost an eye in Afghanistan?  And they both handled it beautifully.  That moment when SNL shows more leadership than the White House.

Probably too soon to tell if Nancy Pelosi will absolutely return to her position as Speaker of the House.  But interesting how no one says that Mitch McConnell is too old and should step down from a leadership position.

The President who claims he’d rush in to face a school shooter won’t visit the American cemetery in France today due to weather.

With all due respect,  Donald Trump has played golf frequently in worse weather than he canceled visit to US cemetery in France.

Can anyone imagine if Barack Obama had blamed red states for hurricane or tornado destruction and deaths by saying they should have had better building codes?

Not that any President could make the California fires go away. But it would feel better to have a Consoler in Chief right now (And for that matter have to figure troops could do more in California right now than sitting on the border)

Apparently Trump doesn’t want to give Puerto Rico any more federal recovery money because he claims, without evidence that the island using  disaster relief funds to pay off debt.  Can only imagine what excuse he will use to deny California.

One thing I don’t get – almost all of us are petty about something. But Trump is petty about EVERYTHING.

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One Comment on “Unexpected.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Is it not advisable to walk in the rain if you have bone spurs? Maybe I should Google it.

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