Falling Rock-otober?

Right about now Cubs fans are wondering how they ever lost to the Rockies?

On a brighter note for SF 49ers fans – it’s looking better and better for a high 2019 draft pick.


So didn’t we all after NFL week five have Browns with as many wins as the Packers?

NFL rules requiring TV to switch to second game of day, or rather COMMERCIALS for the second game of day,  meant most fans watching NY Giants vs Panthers  missed the game-ending 63-yd FG to win it. Thinking league has a lot more problems than anthem kneeling.


Raiders doing their best today to help fans miss them less when they move to Las Vegas


If anyone didn’t already know he was a California boy – Gerrit Cole, talking about his 12 strikeout, 0 walk performance in ALDS game 2: “It’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine to celebrate after this is all done.”

From Saturday ALDS – new October game show – The Price Isn’t Right.

I believe Dr. Ford’s memory from 35 years ago more than @SenatorCollinsr memory of what Mitch McConnell tells her from week to week.

Susan Collins “The one silver lining that I hope will come from this is that more women will press charges now when they are assaulted.”
Okay, clearly time to start drug-testing the Senate.


Trump is now claiming his Mississippi speech mocking Dr. Ford helped Kavanaugh get confirmed.
Repeat this statement to any woman you know who doesn’t always vote.


Trump says he is “100% certain” that Dr. Ford named the wrong person in saying Brett Kavanaugh as her attempted rapist.
Right, and if they had found Brett’s DNA on her swimsuit Trump would have said he was 100% sure it was consensual.

Trump also says that Lisa Murkowski will lose her 2022 primary after voting against Kavanaugh.   Right, like that scares a Senator who lost her primary two years ago to a tea party candidate…. and won with a write-in campaign.

Can we start referring to him as “Injustice Kavanaugh?”


Well, damn. You go girl!  Does this mean I have to go to the next Taylor Swift concert?   “Taylor Swift gets political, endorses Tennessee Democrats Phil Bredesen and Jim Cooper”

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