Bad boys

MLB suspended Cubs Shortstop Addison Russell 40 games, retroactive to Sept 22, over alleged domestic violence. Well thanks to Brewers he won’t miss any playoff games.

Meanwhile, University of Georgia dismissed star 1st baseman Adam Sasser from the baseball team for allegedly shooting racist slurs at Georgia QB Justin Fields during last week’s game..
Kudos to the Bulldogs for doing the right thing. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that for Georgia fans, football rules!


So what was the difference in the end between the Giants and A’s seasons? About three days.


And Oakland A’s offense tonight did a very good SF Giants imitation.

Cubs say after being eliminated that they can “learn from losing.” Does this mean the Orioles are the smartest team in baseball?

Showalter has been fired as Orioles manager. Of course, if Baltimore really wanted to punish Buck, they’d have made him come back for another year.

Rockies advanced to NLDS despite having played in Denver Sunday, Los Angeles Monday and Chicago Tuesday. Assuming they weren’t on United because their bats and other equipment made it with them.


Wow. Senate passed a bill 93-6 ordering airlines to come up with minimum requirements for seat width and pitch. Guess even the worst asses in DC still care about their own asses.

Megyn Kelly says of letter wrote Kavanaugh in which he describes himself and his friends as “loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us,” shows us “you will be so impressed at the responsibility of this young man.”
Gosh, amazed then Brett didn’t include the letter in his college applications.

Jeff Flake is not happy about Trump bashing Christine Ford last night “To discuss something this sensitive at a political rally is just not right. It’s just not right. I wish he hadn’t have done it. I’ll just say, it’s kind of appalling.”
Gosh, if there were only something Flake could do about it..?

Wait, can’t you block calls from a predator?#PresidentialAlert

Seven police officers shot by a white guy in Florence, SC, and only “thoughts and prayers” from Donald Trump
Had shooter been an immigrant, he’d be tweeting nonstop on about his bleeping wall.

The person responsible for “destroying Brett Kavanaugh’s good name” is Brett Kavanaugh.

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