A matter of taste.

USA Today headline “Bud Light’s promotion for first Browns win a tasteless idea.”

Does “tasteless” refer to mocking the team? Or the beer?

Just guessing both Giants and Dodgers fans are glad that Madison Bumgarner isn’t pitching tonight against Yasiel Puig.

Inspired by a joke from my friend Argus Hamilton about Trump killing Nicole Brown Simpson.   –

Don’t give Donald Trump any ideas – he needs someone black in the White House, and OJ isn’t doing anything.

Apparently Blue Lives Matter claims they don’t want to partner with the Jets over anthem protests, even though no NY Jets player has protested the anthem.

Maybe it’s just an excuse to avoid having to watch Jets games

I’m waiting for some so-called patriotic/first responder  group to refuse to partner with an NFL team over the team signing domestic violence abusers.

Someone in Georgia apparently stole a trailer-truck said to contain nearly $100,000 in packaged ramen noodles.   Uh, given the prices, and sale prices of packaged ramen, just how big was that truck?



Because airline insanity is so diverting.

Roundtrip lowest business class fare on United nonstop from San Francisco to Osaka is about $8300. From Los Angeles about $6000. VIA San Francisco. So if someone flies SF-LA-SF-Osaka-SF-LA-SF even with the useless roundtrips on each end they’ll save about $2000. And airlines wonder why we hate them.

Anyone else getting REALLY tired of this season of “Presidential Apprentice?”


Regarding the John Brennan situation, if “erratic” behavior & lack of “credibility” is reason to revoke someone’s security clearance who’s going to break the bad news to Donald Trump?

Fundraising email from Mike Pence “I’d love to meet you — and a guest of your choice — at a dinner I’m hosting in Houston, Texas. We’ll even get our picture taken together to share with family and friends.”

Wait, did he ask Mother?

Give Donald Trump credit. Who else could give both a porn star and a reality show villain the moral high ground?

Rhetorical but serious question – is there ANYONE who disagrees with Trump who he actually respects? (Ivanka doesn’t count. #complicit )

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