Down and not quite out.

Back to Yankees-Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball tonight. But don’t worry, for anyone tired of “same old same old” ESPN is showing Cubs (vs. Nats) next week….



Now that Yankees  have been almost eliminated from AL East maybe ESPN and Fox can find another team to focus on in their place?

On the other hand, the Red Sox Yankees game lasted 4 hours 39 minute minutes and was over 4 hours just for 9 innings. Maybe the whole point of showing the games is maximum number of commercials?

Interesting how as Roberto Osuna returns from a domestic violence suspension, MLB’s other star closer who has served a domestic violence suspension,  Aroldis Chapman, just blew a 3-run lead in the 9th against the Red Sox.   Mean bitch karma weighing in on the matter?

For women fans, this statement from Osuna ought to be reassuring… not

From Astros beat reporter Brian McTaggert.  “When asked if he had a message to fans, especially female fans (via translator): “At this point, we don’t know what’s happened, what’s going to happen and we have to wait for that to play out. To the community, I’m just very happy to be here and support this team.”

Trump finally gets around to praising California’s brave firefighters in a tweet. Oops, never mind, he’s ignoring the firefighters and blaming the fires on California’s environmental laws….. ?

Sen. John Cornyn told Cory Booker to “get a grip” after Booker said he cried “tears of rage” over Trump’s rhetoric. Meanwhile ranting about NBA players at midnight and calling the media “dangerous and sick” is perfectly normal for a President.

Maybe with these people who’d rather be Russian than Democrat we could give Putin one red state and let them move. Any suggestions?

Imagine what the reaction would have been if Democrats had t-shirts saying I’d rather be Kenyan than Republican.


Molly Ivins used to say she liked George W. Bush. “But I also like my dry cleaner and I don’t think he should be President.”. How much do I wish Molly were alive and commenting on Trump…

If the Trump Tower meeting was “totally legal,” why didn’t Donald and Don Jr. brag about it and suggest others in GOP do the same?

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