NY Mets and Yankees rained out tonight for @ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. What a disappointment for Yankees fans who will now have to wait TWO WHOLE weeks to see their team on Sunday night again.

When you can’t tell if it’s a joke or another “That’s so Mets” thing. Reportedly Noah Syndergaard now on the DL with hand, foot and mouth disease.


At least the SF Giants don’t have to take that stupid Bay Bridge Series trophy home.


Rider in Tour de France was expelled after he was seen throwing a punch at rider from another team. Not sure about sportsmanship but if this catches on Tour de France ratings could double.

Georgia Southern University student blames autocorrect for a racial text about a future roommate, saying she meant to type “triggerish.”
Right, like autocorrect on your phone will ever result in something MORE offensive. Mine repeatedly tried to say SF Giants were “ducking” instead of sucking today.


Wonder if Trump spent more time alone with Putin this month than he’s spent alone with Melania?


Comey telling Dems what to do in future elections is like going into Pottery Barn, knocking something off the shelf, then telling the staff how to glue it together. #YouBreakItYouBuyIt


If @realDonaldTrump thinks a meeting & some commemorative coins will get him Nobel Peace Prize, makes sense he’ll think all caps will solve an Iran threat.

From a Washington Post article on Trump supporters in Alabama. One complaining about “the racial divide,” which she believed was getting worse. “The evidence was all the black people protesting about the police, and all the talk about the legacy of slavery, which Sheila never believed was as bad as people said it was. “Slaves were valued,” she said. “They got housing. They got fed. They got medical care.””
Sheila is a Sunday School teacher.

I remember those “We survived Clinton you will survive Bush” and “We survived Bush, you will survive Obama” t-shirts.
Now it’s “We survived Obama, and not sure if we WILL survive Trump.”

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2 Comments on “Underexposed”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    In a move to attract fans given their dismal record, the NY Mets have just announced Bubonic Plague Vaccination Night Fridays.

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