Fake awards?

Watching Jim Kelly on ESPY  really makes me wish his Bills had won a Super Bowl.


Just saying, many of us do NOT think Viking over Saints was best sports moment of year.
And as for thanking God, “God is going, don’t blame me, I was going for a beer to celebrate Saints win.  #GeauxSaints


No one knows what’s in Josh Hader’s heart about now. But guessing thousands of older and wiser MLB players are really glad they didn’t grow up in the Twitter era.

And wonder how many young MLB players are learning today how to scrub their Twitter accounts.

Meanwhile, as the fan-voted MLB All-Star starters left a 2-1 game in the 7th, and the reserves made it an 8-6 home run derby ending in the 10th, got to think that  fans don’t spend enough time watching top players.

Know makeup can be expensive, but at this point doesn’t Sarah Sanders have a lifetime supply of burnt facts for her perfect smokey eye?

Trump “There’s been no President ever as tough as I have been on Russia.” And tonight he’ll call Putin to say “Did I say it right?”

So Sarah Sanders walks back Trump’s walk back of his walk back of his saying Russia didn’t interfere in the election.
Who needs coal, we can power US on the wind power from all this spin.


So when will Republicans release a copy of their new party platform in Russian?

Has anyone told the Russians how much Trump’s “important verbal agreements” mean?

So who had Montenegro in Trump insult bingo?

Tweet from John McCain – ” The people of #Montenegro boldly withstood pressure from #Putin’s Russia to embrace democracy. The Senate voted 97-2 supporting its accession to #NATO. By attacking Montenegro & questioning our obligations under NATO, the President is playing right into Putin’s hands.”

In other words,Trump is just doing the job Putin elected him to do.


Finally, I know this country is deeply divided now,  and this blog is more politics than sports most days about now.  But good to know we still have some bipartisan agreement and priorities.  The following is currently my most popular tweet ever.

“MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says Mike Trout would be a bigger star if he marketed himself. What about if ESPN & Fox showed other teams beside the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs?”

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One Comment on “Fake awards?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    That’s Hader as in Hater

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