Over there.

In the minor leagues, teams have started using a new rule where starting in the 10th, a runner would be stationed on second base to begin each inning.  And apparently it’s getting popular as a way to shorten games.  Hmm, how long until fans beg this to happen with the Mets.

The Hall of Fame says they won’t acknowledge Terrell Owens at all during the induction ceremony he plans to boycott.  I don’t care, do u?

I miss the days when being an ugly American abroad just meant carrying an over-sized camera and wearing sandals with socks.


Trump today talked about “people in the UK – Scotland, Ireland…. ”
Time to score the Irish space in Trump insult bingo.

Trump in @TheSun interview “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”
And hundreds of cities around world going “How do we order a #TrumpBabyblimp?


Trump said he’d run into school to face an armed killer. He won’t even take a limo through streets of London to face a 20-ft tall balloon. @TrumpBabyUK

Trump tweeted out “Great success today at NATO!” Right, like Custer had great success at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Damn, anyone else now wish Sasha Baron Cohen had reached Trump to ask him for advice on how to hit on women?

Wonder what Brett Kavanaugh might have texted about Hillary Clinton?

When House committee gets done with Strzok can they look into Jim Jordan’s texts and emails?

So tomorrow under oath will all members of the House Judiciary Committee say if they have lied to THEIR spouses?

So he had an affair. But how many women besides me after today still believe #PeterStrzok lies far less than most GOP members of Congress?

Right about now you KNOW there is a former mistress of someone on House Judiciary Committee who was sickened by today’s hypocrisy…. If she’s thinking of going public – well You Go Girl!

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3 Comments on “Over there.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Cant wait to hear Trumpty Dumpty told Putin that he was a big fan of John Lenin and The Beatles.

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