And then there were three.

Pommes frites are originally Belgian anyway.  But in Brussels will they start boycotting  the name French Fries?

1-0 World Cup games are incredibly exciting for fans of the teams involved. But just guessing they don’t create many new American soccer fans.



SF Giants  been playing much of the last two weeks like they are trying to hang on and win with penalty kicks.

On a brighter note for Giants, Ray Black took his ERA down from 81 today to 20.

Apparently new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is “contractually obligated” to keep 13-foot-high statue of Jerry Richardson outside stadium. Is he allowed to cover it in pigeon feed?

Serena Williams is bad ass. That is all.

Orioles had comeback walkoff win against Yankees today, moving them to only 37.5 games out of first. Before the All-Star break.

From USA Today – Former OSU Wrestling coach Russ Hellickson said he told Dr. some athletes were “uncomfortable” with him showering with them, Strauss responded that Hellickson also showered with the athletes. “I said, ‘Not for an hour, Doc,’”
Hellickson also said he told him “‘When you’re doing weigh-ins, you’re too hands on, Doc.” But added there “didn’t appear to be a ‘red flag'” indicating that Strauss’ behavior amounted to abuse.”
Uh what WOULD have been a red flag? Seriously. #WTF?


BBC documentary airing this week “Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest?”
Don’t share this story, it  will further upset Trump.

Trump has now pardoned the arsonists Dwight and Steven Hammond. Who actually tried to kill firefighters by setting fires to trap them. More of those “many fine people on both sides?”

Waiting for Trump saying if he’d been in Thailand he’d have swum into the cave to rescue those kids himself last week. #ThailandCaveRescue

So much twitter outrage over man telling woman with Puerto Rico t-shirt to go home. But travel agents have all been asked about passports and/or if they take US money in Hawaii. No joke.

We laugh at Sarah Palin for being tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen. But how often has Senator Susan Collins been tricked by GOP leadership


Trump venting on Europe being delinquent with NATO and needing to reimburse US. Like he himself needs to reimburse his private driver?

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