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East is east and west is best?

July 3, 2018

With Warriors signing Cousins, NBA finals between Western and Eastern Conferences move closer to equivalent of having World Series winners take on the College World Series champions.


In 1993, had Rockies beaten Braves ONCE out of 13 games #SFGiants would have made playoffs. in 2017 Bumgarner hurt himself on dirt bike, now in 2018 Giants look like they may never win again at Coors.
Guessing Colorado isn’t their favorite state.

Reuben Foster suspended 2 games by NFL. That’s one game per arrest.

World Cup in US is a bit like March Madness. Lots of people rooting for teams on which they cannot name a single player.

So Jim Jordan wants to be the next Paul Ryan, when it’s looking like he might be the next Joe Paterno.

What’s the difference between  Jim Jordan and Joe Paterno? Other than Paterno being dead, not much.

Apparently over $1 million will be waged on Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, with Joey Chestnut the prohibitive favorite.
So who needs the World Cup when we still have American supremacy in eating?

New York weather over 90 degrees for an entire week. In Chicago they are having to hose down moveable bridges to keep them moving. But there’s no climate change. #sarcasm

Is declaring war on Harley Davidson another one of those moments Trump became Presidential?

Trump tweeted ” Big Supreme Court win on internet sales tax – about time! Big victory for fairness and for our country. Great victory for consumers and retailers. But Trump store doesn’t charge sales tax for shipping to most states. IOKIYT – It’s OK If You’re Trump?

Who says Trump is incapable of learning? Today he learned the difference between “pour” and “pore.”

At this point all Barack Obama has to do is wish Americans a Happy 4th of July and Trump will try to eliminate the holiday.

How long until Trump starts the #FakeSenateIntelligenceCommittee tweets?

Just for those who don’t know – “There are 15 full-time members of the Senate Intelligence Committee — eight Republicans and seven Democrats.”

Vermont has legalized marijuana. Maple-syrup topped Doritos anyone?