Major league minimum?

Mets are 4-16 in June. Mets fans are going “We won 4 games?”

How long until the chants change from “Let’s Go Mets” to “Please Go Mets?” #Mets

It took the 51-27 Astros 12 innings Saturday to beat the 23-53 Royals.  Arew we sure that win shouldn’t have an asterisk?

Timing is everything. Have to assume millions more Americans would be following World Cup if Supreme Court had legalized sports betting sooner.

Germany and Mexico both won Saturday in World Cup So expect even more cranky tweets than usual from Trump.

Hank Aaron on whether he would visit White House: ‘There’s nobody there I want to see’   “Hank Aaron overrated” tweets from Trump in 3.2.1…


At least the Red Hen didn’t serve Sarah Sanders a slice of Minny’s chocolate pie.

KKKFC #Restaurants4Sarah

Waiting for Trump to tweet that the Red Hen food isn’t nearly as good as that served at his hotels.

Sarah Sanders and GOP should be applauding Red Hen restaurant owner for acting on her moral convictions.


So along with thoughts and prayers maybe supporters can send Sarah Sanders cakes from a certain Colorado bakery?


As a liberal waitress in college I worked a dinner featuring Caspar Weinberger. (along with a lot of Secret Service. )   Decided to serve him politely, even though I disagreed strongly with his views and actions.  I still do. But he was actually very pleasant, asked for “tea if it wasn’t too much trouble.”

On the other hand, that was my choice.  And if GOP is going to trumpet the individual freedom to refuse to serve someone…well then perhaps they should respect individual decisions.

(Considering number of both LGBT & undocumented workers in industry & what I remember from experience behind the scenes have to figure being asked to leave isn’t worst thing that has happened in restaurants to Sarah Sanders.)

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