Uno a nada

Mexico beat Germany in World Cup.  Maybe Trump will now think he can get Angela Merkel to pay for the wall?

SF Giants looked REALLY wrong in blue Father’s Day hats down in Los Angeles.  Until they won a game by scoring 4 runs, more than they’ve scored in one game in a couple years at Dodger stadium.  So maybe they can keep the caps… #Priorities

Considering that US Open champion Brooks  Koepka ended up 1 over par, seems like the real winner this weekend was the Shinnecock Hills golf course.

So after Yankees’ Tanaka gets injured running bases suddenly MLB wants to make both leagues use the DH?  By that token since a line drive broke Bumgarner’s hand, baseball should forbid pitchers from fielding.


Lord Ivar Mountbatten, Queen Elizabeth’s third-cousin was the first member of the Royal Family to have a gay wedding this weekend.  Unless you count Elton John.  God Save the Queen.

Maybe reason @realDonaldTrump doesn’t care much about #FathersDay is that it reminds him he can’t date Ivanka?

To the media. Here are 2 simple words you’ve forgotten with Trump administration: “Lie” – noun or verb. “Liar” – one who lies.
These words also take up less newsprint & airtime than euphemisms. You’re welcome.

Kellyanne Conway on taking kids away from parents – “As a mother, as a Catholic, as somebody who has a conscience … I will tell you that nobody likes this policy.”
She lost me at “as somebody who has a conscience.” #WTF?

Steve Bannon, asked about Trump’s repeated lying – “I don’t believe that. I think he speaks in a particular vernacular that connects to people in this country.”
Who does Bannon think he is, a reporter for the NY Times?

Several angry tweets from @realDonaldTrump tonight. Sounds like someone didn’t get two scoops with his #FathersDay dinner.


On a weekend that Susan Collins proved a bitter disappointment, Laura Bush showed more gumption than any of her elected male relatives.


So gangs like MS-13 are the worst monsters who go after children. But if Latin American parents agree and flee their countries, USA must take children away. #TheGospelAccordingToTrump

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