Seven up

Look,  (and I posted this before Game 6 on FB/Twitter)  Houston Rockets are a good team. But if they beat Warriors in Oakland, without Chris Paul, in an elimination game…. after the game they would be serving bbq pig wings.

Cubs put starting pitcher Yu Darvish on 10-day disabled list Saturday with tendonitis.   He was scheduled to start Sunday night against San Francisco.  Maybe just as well, Darvish won’t join long list of pitchers who have their best start of the year against Giants.

A fire near Oakland Coliseum Friday night may have been caused by post-game baseball  fireworks? Who’d a think the A’s would ever be in the same sentence as “on fire”

Television networks could make this whole anthem problem go away – stop showing it on TV.

Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.  3-1 Real Madrid. But wait, a 3-1 final score?  Not 1-0 or 0-0 with penalty kicks? Are we sure the ball isn’t juiced?


If you profess to be outraged over abortion but can shrug off over 1400 missing children, then, you just might be a hypocrite.

GOP Rep. Steve King compares anthem protests to Nazi salutes. Uh, Nazis didn’t protest anthems. What they DID do was separate parents from their children, & made many of those children disappear. #WhereAreTheChildren

Ivanka Trump tweeting about #PaidFamilyLeave and #YouthSports. Somehow I missed this woman who seems so concerned about kids tweeting #WhereAreTheChildren

Gas prices in US average almost $3 a gallon; in some states prices have gone up 30-40 cents in last month. I also missed  Trump taking credit.

Glad to see Trump tweet congratulating “brave Teacher & Hero Jason Seaman of Noblesville, Indiana.” About 3 weeks faster than he congratulated Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr, who he never tweeted about. Wonder why?


Trump and DOT now say they are opposed to a bill that bars airlines from “unreasonable” fees related to cancellation, baggage, seat selection and same-day changes.   Makes some sense, they majority of Trump supporters even can’t afford to fly at all, or have their own private planes.

Democrats make it too complicated and nuanced sometimes. Trump lies. He is a liar. Always. #LieGate

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