Mistakes were made… by me?

White Sox catcher Welington Castillo, suspended 80 games for a PED  “The positive test resulted from an extremely poor decision that I, and I alone, made. I take full responsibility for my conduct.”

What, no tainted supplement, blaming doctor, friend etc.  Almost got to root for the guy now for his honesty.

Although really,  should anyone need PED’s this year to make the 15-32 White Sox roster?

The White Sox just finished four games with the 16-34 Baltimore Orioles.  Aka the “Does someone HAVE to win?” series.

Trump was talking today about deporting players who wouldn’t stand for the national anthem.  Just wondering, why doesn’t he have ICE stand by stadium urinals and deport anyone using them during the anthem?

How many NFL fans who couldn’t bear to watch because players were quietly protesting on sidelines, have had no problems rooting for Big Ben, credibly accused of sexual assault.  Or Ray Lewis, who admitted being at least an accessory to murder?

Whew. #Cincinnati trending and it appears to be about an @MLS expansion team. These days first thought is sadly another mass shooting.

If Jack Johnson were alive today Trump would probably be slamming him for supporting NFL players who kneel for the anthem.

Steve Kerr on tribute to Santa Fe High School before game 5 –  “agonizing to know that there’s pretty good chance that 2 teams in Finals are going to be doing same thing in 3 weeks.” Well, no, only because most schools are out for summer.  Sad.  Seriously.

Who knew winning the Nobel Prize could be so complicated?

South Korean spokesperson: “We are trying to figure out what President Trump’s intention is and the exact meaning of it. ”

When they do figure it out can they tell the American public?


Imagine being that unknown/unnamed deluxe Singapore hotel who had to cancel all existing reservations in June so that Kim Jong Un & Trump could stay there. And now has an empty property with about 2 weeks notice.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Is it possible Trump canceled the North Korea summit because someone told him it was a 15 hour flight to Singapore?


It’s not spygate, it’s Liegate.

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