Boys of almost summer.

While NBA season may be too long with too many back-to-backs, now in conference finals we’re in almost an All-Star game level three day break with no games until Saturday? Heck, if league just makes these breaks a bit longer they can play until July.

Cleveland Brown will be featured this year on #HardKnocks. Wait, isn’t the program supposed to be about NFL teams?


As Tampa ties Eastern Conference finals with two wins in DC,   maybe we need to retire that phrase in the NHL “Home ice advantage?”

SF Giants’ Brandon Belt could end up facing a fine. After making the last out of the game Wednesday on a called strike 3-2 pitch WELL off the place, Belt questioned whether the umpire was just trying to get the game over.  If only we had the technology to accurately call balls and strikes. Oh wait. We do.  Never mind


New bumper sticker? “Honk if you haven’t signed an NDA with Trump.”


At least politics is always educational. 20 years ago, American children learned what a blow-job was. Now they understand the word “collusion.”

Trump calling Mueller investigation “Greatest witch hunt in American history.” Because it will be the first one actually to catch REAL witches?

Also from a morning tweet from @realDonaldtrump “this is bigger than Watergate!” When he’s right, he’s right.

Earth just had its 400th straight warmer-than-average month. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

To be fair, maybe Trump didn’t think ordering breakup of immigrant families with children was cruel. Not like he ever paid attention to his own young kids.

To be fair it’s not like Trump said something really awful about immigrants – like saying they had perfect smokey eyes.

Paul Manafort’s former-son-in-law reportedly has cut a secret plea deal with federal investigators. Well, presume he’s got alimony to pay.


If someone asked Trump whether it was Yanny or Laurel he’d try to find out what Obama thought, then insist it was #FakeNews for anyone who didn’t believe the opposite.

Can’t wait to see what nickname @realDonaldTrump will tweet out for Bill Gates tomorrow.

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