Missed it by that much, and that much, and that much.

Toronto Raptors picked a bad time to do their playoff Maple Leafs imitation.

Lebron gave credit after the game to “my teammates” who were “unbelievable.” Shouldn’t he have also given credit to the Raptors shooting down the stretch?

As a @Spurs fan would be more worried about all this negative speculation about Kawhi if the man had said by way of a complaint himself. But hey, NY and LA media got to dream. #GoSpursGo

Many women regularly complain about going to a sale and having the good stuff all picked over.   Has any NFL GM ever said a week after the draft “Yeah, none of the players we really wanted were left when we picked?

A sorority at Fort Valley State in Georgia is implicated in a scandal where pledges allegedly participated in a sex ring to help pay their initiation fees. Doesn’t this sound like the plot of a bad porn movie?

House rebuffed Trump and voted 393-13 to reauthorizes FAA & not privatize air traffic control. Guess even the most pro-corporate interest types don’t want big business doing to air traffic control what they’ve done with US airlines.

White House now says a “clerical error” caused Sarah Huckabee Sanders to release statement “Iran has a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program.” It should have been “HAD” not “has.”
And they’re whining about eyeliner jokes?

Trump now “seriously thinking of the Space Force.” Who’d a thunk we’d miss Reagan’s Star Wars program?


Texas filed lawsuit Tuesday seeking to end DACA program. The lawsuit no doubt championed by Ted Cruz, born in Canada to a Delaware mother and Cuban father….. #Whythereisnosatire


Maybe we are going about this all wrong. Maybe the “liberal” media should report that Trump seduced his porn star and Playboy bunny mistresses while wearing a tan suit?

Trump doesn’t believe scientists and the military about the environment and wars? Why should we expect him to believe doctors about his weight and health?


Good for Trump to bring the crew of Southwest flight to the White House to honor their heroism. Now about James Shaw, Jr….


Amazing how many people who think Michelle Wolf is the voice of all liberals somehow also think Kanye West is the voice of all blacks.

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