The sound of how many hands clapping?

A’s lefty Sean Manaea pitched a no-hitter against Red Sox. Thank goodness for visiting Boston fans which meant more than 500 people saw it.

Doesn’t look like Cleveland’s year. But Pacers guard Lance Stephenson said he thinks Cavs are “going to start panicking” if they get down 3-1…? Not exactly a student of NBA history.

Derek Jeter, asked if he expects the Marlins to contend  “”I do. I do, If I don’t believe with the … in the players that we have on the field, who’s going to believe in them?”
Uh, maybe their moms?  Well, some of their moms anyway.
Pelicans swept the Blazers, Saints projected to win NFC South.  New Orleans sports fans hope this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse.

Happy Earth Day. Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

So did Utah Republicans just basically tell Mitt Romney to stay home and knit?

A reminder about Trump’s tweet rant Saturday, he was doing all of it while he was supposedly watching Barbara Bush’s funeral. #soPresidential

The single best thing Trump ever did for Barbara Bush was improve her oldest son’s reputation by comparison.


Guess nobody told Trump that it was his own side that released Comey memos?

Trump talking about Mar-A-Lago as the “Southern White House.” Uh, in the US there is no Southern White House.  Not since 1865.

What’s next, Mar-A-Lago flying the Confederate flag?

If Mar-A-Lago is the “Southern White House” how come we can’t all apply for the free public tours?


Waffle House killer  killer is apparently a white man. So he has to be mentally ill and not a terrorist.

At time of posting, waiting for #thoughtsandprayers from Trump over Waffle House shooting..
GUARANTEE he’d have tweeted about if if shooter were Muslim or an immigrant.



Amazed #WaffleHouse shooter is still at large. Not that someone in Tennessee would stand out with an AR15. But you’d think they’d call cops fast on a man who was running around mostly naked.

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One Comment on “The sound of how many hands clapping?”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Why does Don the Con wear that over length tie? So his privates don’t show when his pants catch fire.

    Probable conversation with NK Prez Kim Chee: Kim says he golfs also; and has witnesses who signed the card when he had 18 hole in ones and posted a score of 18!!! Not to be outdone, Trumpty says he did the same, but with one hand tied behind his back and wearing a blindfold.

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