RIP Erin.


San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s wife Erin passed away today. Nothing funny about this. So sad.

We always knew Popovich sees the big picture beyond sports. Apparently his wife was ill for a long time. but no complaints, no excuses. Hope at least now Pop knows how much he is loved and admired in and beyond NBA.


Yeah, tell me we don’t need a stronger word than deplorable….. Happened to read the SF Chronicle online story on death of Erin Popovich. And the FIRST comment, “Gregg Popovich has yet to offer public comment.” “As expected Pop continues to be too busy to even acknowledge the death of his wife. More concerned about attacking our President..’.”
Maybe six words ‘Sad excuse for a human being.”



As #SFGiants fan I’ve almost forgotten what a “save situation” was.  Giants apparently missed them so much they ended up having two of them.  And almost blowing both.

So #SFGiants are keeping #macwilliamson in Sacramento because they aren’t sure he can hit major league pitching. Well, they are sure 2018 team these days can’t.

Orrin Hatch asks what there were “10 babies on the floor of the Senate?”. Well if you leave out a little detail like chronological age there are a lot more than 10 babies on floor of Senate. Starting with Mitch McConnell.

And we wonder how Senators get their spineless reputations.    After Senate deadlocked 49-49 for about an hour Wednesday on a vote to break a filibuster of James Bridenstine, who has no management experience and doesn’t believe in Climate Change,  to be next head of NASA,  Jeff Flake returned to Senate floor and switched to “yes..”  Thoughts and prayers?

The entire island of Puerto Rico has just lost power. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

Trump is so proud of golfing with Japan PM Shinzo Abe but maybe he can ask Abe’s advice on Puerto Rico power situation. Since Japan is, you know, a country of islands.

Trump does realize that tweeting a picture with Prime Minister of Japan at Trump International Golf Club and tagging it officially  with Department of State  and White House hash tags is a crime?  #Emoluments

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2 Comments on “RIP Erin.”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Puerto Rico may have lost their power, but when it come to baseball (which Trump knows nothing about), nothing is going to stop from playing. They brought in generators and enjoyed a 14-inning game.

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