Now that it’s April 17

We are finally within two MONTHS of a NBA finals potential game seven, scheduled for Jun 17, 2018.  And they say the baseball season is too long.

So will Cooperstown ask for the broken handle of Bryce Harper’s bat?

(for those who didn’t see, he hit a ball, broke his bat, and it went for a 400 plus foot home run.)

Washington Post profiled some unhappy mostly rural Texas voters who are unhappy with Gregg Popovich’s political outspokenness and attacks on Trump. They say some of them can no longer be Spurs fans. Now, where’s the article on all the more liberal fans who have been listening to Pop and are BIGGER, or even first time Spurs fans.

Bad enough that a Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in forever.  But now one of the league’s best team’s is an expansion team in…. Las Vegas. #insulttoinjury

A’s are giving away free tickets to Tuesday’s game. How bad will it get before they offer to PAY fans to show up?

Manager of Philadelphia Starbucks who called cops on black men reported “no longer works” at location. Have they accepted a job at Fox News cafeteria?

So now Sean Hannity turns out to be a Michael Cohen client…. We really are going to have a nationwide popcorn shortage.

So yeah, don’t we all expect attorney client privilege from someone who isn’t our lawyer? #SeanHannity

So now it’s Nikki Haley who’s been thrown under the Trump bus with @realDonaldTrump contradicting her sanctions announcement yesterday. Damn, I didn’t have her in Resignation Bingo.

If you’re still supporting Trump and Hannity right now presume you’ll be okay if a Democratic President and Rachel @maddow behave the same way in future?



If someone came to a major studio with a movie script that paralleled events in @realDonaldTrump administration they’d have been told to come back with something more realistic.

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