Snow place like home?

‘Chicago WhiteSox & Minnesota Twins canceled last 3 games of 4 game series over a spring snowstorm. Somewhere the ghost of the Metrodome is laughing.


At least Trump doesn’t know or care enough about baseball to insult our intelligence by pretending he honors #JackieRobinsonDay

Uf misery loves company then this 2018 season SF Giants and Dodgers may become BFFs indeed.


New Eagles CB Daryl Worley reportedly found passed out behind the wheel in a car blocking South Philadelphia highway. So just wondering, when will NFL contracts start banning risky behavior like driving?

Kelly Kraft missed the cut at RBC Heritage by a stroke after a tee-shot hit a bird and landed in water, Kraft’s response later “I got screwed.” HE got screwed? What about the bird?

200 million eggs recalled over salmonella fears with 22 illnesses at least reported so far. But hey, who needs pesky regulations?

Credit where credit is due. Trump has been a disaster in most ways for the country. But he’s revitalized SNL.

With all the stupid things @readdonaldTrump has ever tweeted, wouldn’t you think he’d have at least learned not to use #MissionAccomplished.

Just wondering what Robert Mueller will consider #MissionAccomplished?

Nikki Haley says US remains “locked and loaded” to strike Syria again in response to new chemical attacks. She misspoke – Let me correct – “in response to any new bombshell from Mueller investigation.”

Trump tweeting ” Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision,…& attacking “Fake News Media” at same time White House releases alleged Syria situation room picture w/ VP Pence who wasn’t even on same continent. Once again, lies, damn lies, and Trumpisms

(and hey, when they tweeted out a years’ old picture of Mike Pence at a Colts game, ostensibly to show him before he walked out of another game over an anthem protest…. well we should have know… no lie too petty.)

This live-action Wag the Dog sequel really sucks.

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