Good and bad seeds

If anyone wanted their children to really work on serious math skills they could have just had them work to figure out potential playoff seedings before tonight’s NBA final regular season, or should I say, preseason, games.

If the Warriors win it all will they be first NBA champions to have lost their final regular season game by 40 points.


Last time Timberwolves were in NBA playoffs, fans couldn’t even take to social media to celebrate. (Facebook just started Feb 2004, opened to non-students in 2006. Twitter started in 2006)


NBA announcers feeling the need to talk about four point lead in the last seconds being a two possession game reminds me again just how bad Americans’ math skills are….

LB Aldon Smith had a blood alcohol content of 0.40 last week when he showed up to be fitted last week for an alcohol-detecting ankle monitor….. Clearly the man needs help but one, just how much do you have to drink to hit. 0.40. And two, how was he even walking?

Yeah, I love Gregg Popovich. Before Spurs game for playoff seeding tonight against the Pelicans:
From ESPN – Asked by a reporter if he had read about Andre Ingram’s story: “I don’t read too much about sports. I didn’t read it. I have no idea of what you’re talking about. I did read Maureen Dowd today though. It was very interesting. Are saving animals more important than saving people? Like gorillas, elephants, white rhinos. You know, the last white rhino died in Kenya. So it’s over. It’s probably even more important than this game.”

Happy #NationalPetDay. Worth a reminder that @realDonaldTrump is first President in modern memory without a pet. Because he has enough GOP lapdogs & no cat would put up with him?

“I loved something I made up… I made a pretty suit of clothes and fell in love with it.” Much of the media on our departing Speaker?. Nope, Scarlett O’Hara on Ashley Wilkes. #PaulRyan #prescient
So is there a single person whose reputation has been enhanced by being associated with Trump. Except maybe Alec Baldwin?

Paul Ryan says he’s retiring to focus on his family. Well, after tax cuts and since he’s worth over $6 million BEFORE he takes lobbying jobs guess Ryan wants to teach kids how to manage their trust-funds?

As we watch all these rats fleeing a sinking ship, useful to remember that 62% of first class passengers survived the Titanic, only 25% of those in steerage.  #PaulRyan


Ok, I get that good people can disagree on issues. But Trump judicial nominee Wendy Vitter just refused to say if she agreed w/ Brown v. Board of Education.#WTF? Many “fine” people….

If there are any rational Republicans left trying to be the voice of reason that Trump will listen to perhaps they could quickly get a gig on “Fox and Friends?”

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