Win like a Pirate?

After less than a week in MLB,  Pittsburgh is the last undefeated team.  As we all expected.


Giancarlo Stanton was booed after 5 K’s in his Big Apple debut for Yankees. At least he’ll get more understanding from that warm fuzzy New York media.

Madison Bumgarner says #SFGiants estimate on his return might be “a little conservative.” Which is potentially great news. The team needs his bat.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia bought out entire Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto for a week. Hope what he paid includes some compensation money for bartenders.

Despite all the Twitter jokes, of COURSE Trump knows where Baltics are. They are on the board right next to Mediterraneans.

Official TrumpStore, which sells Trump organization branded items and DonaldJTrump store, which sells political merchandise, BOTH use USPS for shipping. But I am sure they only pay the highest rates….

Trump (falsely) tweeting that Amazon shipping costs with USPS should not be bourne (sic) by the American taxpayer. Beginning to see how this man thought Betsy Devos was qualified to lead education.

If Americans get angry when the price of food or gas goes up a few cents, imagine how if they’d feel if Amazon suddenly stopped Amazon Prime?

Trump attacking Amazon in part he says because they are hurting mom-and-pop retailers. As opposed to his beloved donor Walmart?

White House is now strongly backing EPA head Scott Pruitt. I wonder who Trump lets stay at his DC hotel for $50 a night?

Getting really tired  of resetting the US mass shooting clock. #YouTube

Who knows for sure, but the father of Nasim Aghdam, alleged YouTube shooter who allegedly fatally 3 other people then shot herself, reportedly “hated” the company.

Conservative men – “if only she were armed” No, wait….

Nasim was armed with a handgun.  Imagine if California had the same gun laws as states like Texas, then she could have settled her imagined scores with an AR-15.

Now it’s Cheatin’ Obama?!! But somehow I’ve missed the derisive nickname Trump has for Putin?

Trump reportedly to meet with Peter Thiel at White House dinner in hopes of learning how to attack Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google. Ladies and gentlemen, your President of the United State



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