Groundhog Night

Until tonight, no MLB team had won back-to-back 1-0 games w/ same player hitting home run in each. Ever. But hey, we all knew if it would happen it would be the SF Giants’ Joe Panik against Dodgers.


#GroundhogDay. Panik for only HR of the game, Strickland for the save. Just like we all expected.   As we expected Panik to be on pace for 162 home runs.

Mickey Lolich was in a wheelchair as Detroit #Tigers honored him on 50th anniversary of 1968 World Series. And even so Lolich probably would have pitched better today than Tigers’ bullpen.

Kevin Durant says he’s getting additional T’s & ejections due to wanting to repeat last year “What we did as a team was special & and I want to experience that again.”

So if the Warriors were .500 this year KD would be acting like Tim Duncan?

Somehow I have missed all these conservatives who now love Roseanne explaining how that crotch grab during national anthem was just her free speech.

Whatever you think of David Hogg, he has a lot more cojones than any Republican in Congress.


Let’s be real here, advertisers not leaving Laura Ingraham show because they’re liberal or snowflakes. They’re leaving because they think staying will cost them $$$, meaning they think most Americans support David Hogg.

EPA Head Scott Pruitt reportedly rented room on Capitol Hill from a health care lobbyist who is married to an energy lobbyist- for $50 a night! But wait – he didn’t stay at Trump hotel? Move him up in Trump firing bingo!


Teachers in 4 states are striking or threatening to strike for better wages and benefits. Does the GOP still want them to be armed?


I’m old enough to remember when not wanting to be shot at school wasn’t considered to be a political opinion.

As much as I hate to see Trump spend so much time on the golf course, it might keep him from doing even more dangerous things.

Trump has declared April “sexual assault awareness” month So his latest campaign is to put @TheOnion out of business?


Laura Ingraham has announced she is taking a “vacation.” Well, the job of White House Communications Director is open.



From Marc Ragovin  “Claiming executive overreach, Ryan Zinke has announced that he plans to reduce the dimensions of Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park by 71%”

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One Comment on “Groundhog Night”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    In ’16, Trump sued Rusty Staub for trademark infringement

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